Great Food Puzzle 2.0 Project Volunteer

Location: Based in Quezon City, Metro Manila 

Duration: maximum of 6 months

Directly Reporting to: GFP 2.0 Project Team and SFS-NGF Project Team (Lead and members)

Working with: The guidance of the project team, the Volunteer will assist in the coordination with relevant Stakeholders like national government agencies/ offices, private sector partners (Tourism and hospitality focused on the food service sector, food manufacturing and other private sectors), consumer groups, academe, research institutions, civil society organizations etc.


The Great Food Puzzle 2.0 Project

A growing body of evidence suggests that significant changes to the global food system are needed to meet climate goals, reduce biodiversity loss, and ensure optimal human health for all. At the global scale, there is considerable evidence that shifting to healthy diets, reducing food loss and waste, and implementing nature-positive food production, when combined, are enough to feed at least 10 billion people healthy diets while keeping global warming to 1.5C and restoring biodiversity. Less attention has been paid, however, to how these actions might play out at the national level. In Solving The Great Food Puzzle: 20 Levers to Scale National Level Action, we took the first step in solving the puzzle of food system transformation at the national level. However, given the complexity of food systems, more research is needed to continue solving the great food puzzle to accelerate action at the national level in time to meet global goals.

Objectives of GFP 2.0

  1. Reassess the 20 transformation levers and 6 variables used to identify national-level food system types and make improvements and additions as needed.
  2. Improve the datasets used for each of the 6 variables to allow for more robust analysis.
  3. Complete the food systems typology for all countries using the improved datasets and analysis.
  4. Assess which transformation levers have lower to higher potential for transformation in an additional 8 to 10 countries that span all food system types.
  5. Integrate an innovation component from New Food Horizons into the analysis of the transformation levers.
  6. Integrate NDCs, NBSAPs, and food systems pathways into GFP 2.0 and explore coherency and alignment between these various processes.

Development of Sustainable Food Systems-Based Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos Project (SFS-NGF Phase 1)

The Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos (NGF) is a set of dietary guidelines based on the eating patterns, lifestyle, and health status of Filipinos. The NGF contains all the nutrition messages for healthy living for all age groups, from infants to adults, pregnant and lactating women, and the elderly. The first NGF released in 1990 was composed of five messages called “Dietary Guidelines for Filipinos.” In 2000, a revised nutritional guideline composed of ten messages was released and it was called the Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos (NGF).

In response to the changes in the health and nutrition situation of the country and new nutrition information and related interventions to address malnutrition, the NGF was updated in 2012 by an inter-agency and multi-disciplinary Technical Working Group chaired by the Department of Science and Technology - Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI) and mandated by the National Nutrition Council (NNC). Like the previous edition, the 2012 NGF still contains ten messages but with a corresponding health rationale for each message. The 2012 NGF serves as the Official Food-Based Dietary Guidelines (FBDGs) in the Philippines. 

Objectives of SFS- NGF Phase 1
  1. Develop major and sub-messages for the 2023 Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos and incorporate the concept of sustainability and food systems in the development of major and sub-messages. 
  2. Provide simple and culturally sensitive messages addressing current nutritional problems towards healthy eating habits and lifestyle while maintaining a sustainable food system.


The Project Volunteer is under the supervision of the Project Lead and/or other team members under GFP 2.0. and SFS-NGF of WWF Philippines.

  1. Assists the Project team in coordinating with project partners and the Project team, and assists in troubleshooting and adjusting said plans as necessary
  2. Assists the Project team in the collection of data regularly to measure achievement against performance indicators
  3. Support the Project team in external arrangements relating to the fulfilment of the project outputs and other project studies and/or activities that might be identified later on in the project
  4. Assist in processing related cash payments and regular liquidation reports to the Finance unit
  5. Prepares documentation such as minutes of meetings, coordinates and prepares workshops, roundtable discussions, photos and videos and travel of WWF staff and stakeholders for output-related activities
  6. Other functions that may be necessary as identified by the project manager


  • Currently taking up or holds a Bachelor's degree in environmental science, food-related courses (agriculture, nutrition, food technology etc.), and other science-related courses;
  • Experience in social media content creation;
  • Knowledge and/or understanding of food systems and sustainable consumption and production, climate change, and resource use efficiency;
  • Strong technical writing skills;
  • Effective communicator with strong organizational and interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to work in a team environment; and
  • Ability to work independently and under pressure


As an equal employment opportunity employer, WWF does not discriminate based on an applicant’s race, religion, sex, gender, or disability status. Submissions by mail will not be accepted to reduce the use of paper. Due to the high volume of applications, inquiries via phone cannot be accepted.

Interested applicants can email their CV with a cover letter to and to with the subject line: Intern/ Volunteer for GFP and SFS-NGF Project [First name initial_Middle name initial_Full last name].